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Here are just a couple of tips and suggestions on how to secure your home prevent and reduce the chances of a break-in. These steps are quite simple but can provide peace of mind, additional security and perhaps save you from theft.


Make sure all windows have key operates locks and are in good working order. Having the windows locked up with a key is important as this stops burglars from breaking a little hole in the window and then simply unlocking the window.


Also ensure all doors are fitted with deadlocks and are in good working order. Deadlocks can be locked both externally and internally which will prevent the burglar from being able to easily leave out the front door if they manage to get in thru a window. Deadlocks will make it alot hard for would be burglars to force open a door as they offer more strength than standard entrance sets.

Patio bolts

Install patio bolts to all sliding doors. Patio bolts are a lockable bolt that will shoot a bolt up or down into the frame of the sliding door. Sliding doors can be very vulnerable from break-ins with out patio bolts fitted. We recommend that 2 patio bolts be fitted on each door. One on the top of the door and one of the bottom of the door.

Chains or peephole viewer

It’s also a good idea to install a chain or a peep-hole viewer so you can see who is at the door before opening it.

Security lights

Security lights can be installed so that they turn on at night whenever movement is detected near to your property. This also deters burglars or vandals as they will be more visible to you and any neighbours.

Security Alarm Systems

Fitting a security alarm to your house is a good preventive measure that you can take. Although it wont make it harder for the burglars to break-in, it will mean the difference between the burglars from spending 5 minutes inside the house only taking a couple of things compared with them taking there time and completely cleaning the house out.

Common sense

Above all else it is important that you get in the habit of locking all of your deadlocks and window locks. Like wise if you have an alarm fitted make sure that its activated whenever you leave the house.

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