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COVID-19 Update. Our Onsite Locksmith Service is Available
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First Choice Locksmiths cater for a wide range of automotive locksmithing needs. Whether you locked your keys in your car, jammed ignitions or Lost Your Keys, our Auto Locksmith’s fully equipped Mobile workshops can assist you with a fast and prompt service to get you on the road again.


We do a wide range of cars and years so call up today for your free quote.

Some of our Auto Locksmith services include:

Gain Entry To Cars With No Damage

If you’ve locked your keys in your car and need it opened as soon as possible, then give First choice locksmith a call. Our experienced Auto Locksmiths will be able to open your car and retrieve the keys in no time at all.

Got a Luxury car like a Mercedes, Bmw or Audi? Our Automotive Locksmiths have the nessicery tools and equipment to open these car with no damage. Our auto locksmiths are proficient and highly skilled with our specialized high security car gain entry tool and guarantee no damage to your car! We take the utmost care when opening any car we work on.

We provide our Mobile Gain Entry Auto Locksmiths service to all Melbourne and outer Suburbs. Call now on 1800 551 550 for you free fixed price quote to gain entry to your car.

Transponder keys cut and program

Lost All Keys To Your Car or had them stolen?

Our fully equipped auto locksmith Vans will come out to the car and make a brand new key from scratch. If the key was stolen or your worried about the whereabouts of the lost key, then we can diagnostically reset the programming on the cars immobiliser making the lost/stolen key no longer start the car.

Losing your car keys can be a very stressfull situation so call First Choice Locksmiths so we can come out Melbourne wide and get you back no the road as soon as possible. Most car keys and be supplied withing a couple of hours of the first call.

Non-remote Keys, Remote Keys and Proximity Keys

If you’ve lost your car keys, you’ll usually be given a choice to whether your would like a non remote key, Geniune remote key or an after market remote key. Non remote keys are your most basic keys that will start your car but lack any form of central locking buttons to lock and unlock your car. You would need to manually lock and unlock the car with the door lock. Remote keys are similar to non remote keys but have the added ability to lock and unlock the car with intergrated buttons the on key for added convenience. The third type of car keys are cars that require Proximity/smart keys to be used. These keys are more popular on new and higher spec’d cars.

Aftermarket VS Genuine keys

First Choice Locksmiths can supply, cut and program Genuine Keys or Aftermarket keys. Genuine keys will come straight from a Car Manufacturers dealership. our high quality Aftermarket keys are a cost effective solution often costing hundreds less than Genuine keys.


What Are Transonder Keys

Most keys to cars that are built after 1996 will contain transponder chips inside the key head. The main function of the transponder is to disarm the cars immobilizer and enable your car to start the cars engine. Our mobile workshop vans have the latest in on-board automotive diagnostic tools that can cut and program the latest transponder keys.

In need of an auto locksmith in Melbourne – First Choice Locksmiths is at your service to take care of all your lock and key problems!

Spare Car Keys

Dont wait untill its to late. Call First Choice Locksmiths now to get a spare car key before your current one brakes or is lost!

If your wanting to get a Spare Car Key then you have the choice of coming down to our shop located at 5/599 Chandler rd, keysborough or we can some visit your for add convenience. We can even visit your home or work place so you dont have to worry about fitting it into your busy schedule.

EEPROM Programming and ECU Resetting

EEPROM Solutions

Our Expert Automotive Locksmiths have the skills and knowledge to perform EEPROM work on many older cars where diagnostic key programming is just not possible. For example most Toyotas built before 2006 can not be progammed by simply pluging in diagnostic equippment. In this case the ECU(Engine control unit) or Immobiliser will need to be removed and to write the transponder data directly and the correct chip, alowing the car to start.

Broken keys removed

A common problem we see is Broken keys in car door locks and ignitions. We can come out to you onsite, extract the broken key and provide replacement car keys. Most of the time our skill technicians can extract the broken key without remote the door lock or ignition. We do this with specially made key extraction tools to make the job quick and stress free for the customer.

If your keys broken off in your lock and are loooking for a Locksmith near you, then call out Auto locksmith on 0411 571 118 now

Ignition Locks Repaired Or Replaced

Has Your Cars ignition stopped turn? This can be caused by either worn keys or worn wafers inside the ignition barrel. Somtimes you will get some warning when your ignition is goin to fail. It may begin by being hard to turn and needing to jiggle the key to get the ignition to turn. Ff this happens its wise to call an Automotive Locksmith as soon as possible to repair the issue. Other wise you run the risk of the ignition completely ceasing and being stuck somewhere.

Automotive Locksmith Melbourne

As an experienced automotive locksmith in Melbourne, we take pride in our knowledge and skills. We have acquired this Knowledge through years of providing excellent locksmith services to our clients. We understand all types of car locks and car keys – from the oldest models to the newest ones.

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Remote Keys Or Non-Remote Keys Cut And Programmed

Automotive Locksmiths - Car Key Replacement Melbourne

First Choice Locksmiths Car Key Replacement service can assist you whether you’ve lost keys to your car, locked your keys in your car or just after a spare key, Our fully mobile workshops are equipped with the lastest in car key cutting and transponder programming machines. We can assist you with a fast and prompt service to get you on the road again in no time. Lost car keys or just need a spare replacment car key and your located in Melbourne or surrounding areas?, Dont pay dealership prices. Call today for our professional and cost effect services that is significantly cheaper than going to the dealership!

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Can you make a new key to my car when they are all lost?

Yes. First Choice Locksmiths pride ourselfs on having the required skills, training and equipment to supply cut and program car keys when you dont have any at all. Please note that there are some cars that will need to go back to the dealer but this isn’t very common.

I've Lost my car keys, how do you make the new key?

The way we usually make a new car key is thru the door or boot lock. This may involve removing the lock from the car and disembling the lock to make a new key or using our specialized Automotive lock picks to to decode the lock without the need to remove the lock.

I've locked my keys in the car.

Automotive gain entry generally take between 5-10mins due to our locksmiths being highly trained, Skilled and equipped with specilized picks.

How long will it take to make a key to your car?

Generally New car keys can but cut and program in as little as 30-60mins depending on the car so you’ll be on your way in no time!

Do i need a remote key or can I get a non remote key.

Usually you will get to choose if you want a remote or non remote key for your car. The remote function makes it more convenient with central locking and does’t cost a great deal extra to get. A non remote key will work just fine but you will need to manually unlock the car with the key every time.

There are some cars where it is highly recommended that you get a remote key due to there alarms going off every time you open the door and some cars where it is mandatory to get a remote key or the cars computer wont accept the key while programming.

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Honda Accord remote key cut and programmed – lost all keys. If you have lost the keys to your car, call first choice locksmiths. We can come out to you…

2002 Toyota Corolla lost all keys?

ECU reset by eprom and new transponder keys added when all keys are lost Automotive locksmiths Melbourne

Ford Ranger PX2 2017

Gain entry and 2 keys made when all keys lost. Call nowLearn more Automotive Locksmiths Melbourne

Subaru Liberty 2011

Spare key cut and programmed to 2011 subaru liberty 2011 Automotive locksmiths Melbourne