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Deadlocks, Deadbolts and deadlatches?

Many people I talk to about getting deadlocks fitted to there house are unsure about the different types of deadlocks that are available. In this article I will try and explain the different terminology relating to deadlocks. If you have any questions please feel free to ask a question below or call First Choice Locksmiths on 0411 571 118.


Deadlock is a general term used to describe a lock that when locked with a key, you will need a key to unlock it. Usually they have a key on both sides of the lock making it harder for a burglar to break a near by window and reach inside to unlock the lock. Having a key inside also prevents burglars from using the door as an exit if they manage to gain entry into the house at another location. Some deadlocks can have only a thumb turn instead of a key on the inside but technically speaking they aren’t actual deadlocks. These ‘single sided’ deadlocks still offer a decent amount of security from break-ins due to the locks themselfs being more durable and stronger than normal entrance sets.

Most insurance companys nowadays require that premises are fitted with deadlocks on the main entry doors.


Deadbolts are a type of deadlock that will only lock when the user turns the key. The user has to shut the door and physically turn the key that throws the bolt into the locking position. The disadvantage of this is that the user has to remember to lock the deadbolt every time but it does make it harder to lock yourself out.


Deadlatches are type of deadlock that will automatically lock itself as soon as the door is closed. All the user needs to do is close the door and the lock will do the rest. Although that might sound easy, it’s really easy to lock yourself out by walking outside forgetting your keys and letting the door close behind you. Some deadlatches like Lockwood’s 001 have the function of being able to lock the latch in the open position so if the door closes it won’t automatically lock and you won’t be locked out.


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